For Authors, we look at you and your work and put together an individual story…YOUR story. Then, we take your story and reach out to our network connections to find the best way to promote you and your book.

Your promotional package could include, but not be limited to the following outlets:

  • Amazon Reviews – we help you build valuable reader reviews which can help sell more books
  • Blogger Reviews – we connect you with book lovers’ blogs to possibly review and/or recommend your book and/or give you a guest blogging spot
  • Book Tours – we work with independent bookstore owners to set up readings
  • Speaking Engagements – we look for avenues that are unique to your genre, your story and connect you to those groups
  • Book Club Connections – we reach out to our long list of book clubs across the country and recommend your book with possible guest appearances or Skype Q&As
  • Good Reads – we help you optimize your profile, getting reviews to up your ranking
  • eBooks & Audio Books – we assist you in your eBook and Audio Book promotion by again gaining reviews and building your rankings
  • NetGalley – we assist you with your listing on NetGalley as a way to reach more reviewers, librarians, bloggers and booksellers
  • Writers Conferences – we connect you with various Writers Conferences as an opportunity to teach, speak and/or present your book