Social Media

As our client, we will create a Social Media Platform designed specifically for you, your needs and your budget. We specialize in working with authors and artists. Below is a list of some of the social media sites in which we will work with you :

  • Website – Build and/or Tweak Your Website to Make User-Friendly & Inviting, Using Key Focus Words to improve your Google ranking
  • Blogging– Create &/or Implement a Blog & Blogging Schedule
  • Email List – Build via Website, Blog & Social Media
  • Newsletter – Create &/or Implement a Scheduled Newsletter to Followers
  • Facebook – Building a Profile Page & Populating It
  • Twitter – Design and Implement a Twitter Page
  • LinkedIn – Create a Knock-out Summary Profile & Develop & Implement a Connection Plan via Thread Posting & Strategic Discussion Groups
  • Instagram – Create & Implement a Posting Plan
  • Pinterest – Create Strategic Pin Boards & Posting Schedule with Website Links
  • Podcasts – Develop & create short videos & podcasts